Sunday, June 14, 2015

Lessons from Matilda's wonderful show:)

Lessons from Matilda's (can't believe so much of lessons learned from this wonderful show!) =)))

1. The song 'when I grow up' in it probably bring lotsa nostalgicness😝 must treasure time! 

2. Kindness, diligence and integrity of life..

3. Love and humanity..

4. Always learn!

5. Life's not fair at times but fight for rights! -speak out!

6. Be tough; especially to gifted people out there~

7. And this: be naughty at times (I should say all the time whenever possible)😝😝😝

So longggg~

Thursday, May 7, 2015



Been wanting to drop by and write a few words, but that procrastination had been ongoing

Will only drop by a few words here and that is:

1) Because of the strong principal that money can't buy time, and I feel that I am not utilising my time  well, the negativity is there....
2) Because of uncertainties and over expectations, disappointments ensue..


1) We should try our best in anything that we are chanced upon (oh well, including the cooking part)
2) Be adventurous and anticipate uncertainties, since nothing can be done about it..

Just like this horsey who came charging at me when I was taking its picture not too far away....=.=
This was taken at Newforest by the way...

Not sure if it is a pony or horse...but how would I say; playful? :P

Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Grass is always 'softer' on the other side of the road


Well technically speaking, the grass is indeed softer at a cooler country...erm...muchhhhh cooler country

I wonder if I will bu she de leave here...for now, it's just a so-so feeling..
When people asks, I just say 'so far so good'

Confided with my supervisor today and realised that we are always chasing the tail like a mice..
And he told me that, well, we can't always fulfil other people's requirements..

But to fulfil my own requirements is also....(erm I should lower down my expectations horrr)
But as one of my bests said, we are always fighting.. really can't agree more...
Though I lazy fight leh...

Anywayyy, on a brighter side of the story:

Welcoming spring and warmer but not-so-hot-weather:)

Recent trip to Radcliffe Camera

Probably my housemates will be zzzz with my procrastination of giving them their pictures...
*lazy me* lol..

Btw, it's a quarter of the year le... And finally today I found new motivations for this year's plan (well, it's never too late right?)

Lessons: we only learn when we deal with hardships/challenges (err well-known fact) =P

So long for now=)

Friday, February 13, 2015

Fruitful day:)

Today's the day that I felt being treated like some very important contributing personnel. Feel like a grown up person (at this age =.=)! Today's also the day that I felt really thankful for these: 

1. Being given advices on current life; just be ready to take risks like what I'm currently doing. 
2. Being a listener to some nice stranger (very surprisingly; I probably have a good listener's face today)
3. Being able to solve the current biggest  headache before deadline after my severe pushy mood these two weeks!! and...
4. Being able to be approved of what I want for the current plans. Feel bad that instead of selling myself, others had to keep me continually interested. I guess it's all about my hunger for learning that made me like this. Sigh.. So ungrateful of me yeah? 

Anywayyyy, productive day huh?:)

What more can I say?:) 


All in all, thank you for everything!!:)

So long~

Sunday, February 8, 2015

Another chapter of adventure:)

Finally finished editing a paper (not of my expertise but just helping) and now, went through the really nice Stephen Hawking's movie!!
I seldom enjoy bibiliographies because I find them boring...but this one --> thumbsssss up! very inspiring, touching and great story:')

Oh, BTW, these are the views that I get while being temporary placed here...
One thing for sure that I get to see more: various species of birds chirping around:)
And less buildings, but more

Don't know what lies ahead yet, but for now: tired of walking and the amount of distance that I have had for the past 4 days is equivalent to twice of walking that I had during my previous China-Sichuan trip.


Oh well, getting out of comfort zone is not easy, especially the previous 1-2 months of rushing preparation for everything...all for these..
And before the interview's advices...thanks!!!:))

So much was done, so much was being expected to be done and all for these:))) *finally*
----> hopefully smooth one though I think more adventures to come somemore...

Think I had complained all to a few very understanding/listening friend who had went through these...and after hearing C's stories particularly; I am especially super grateful with mine.
And that nice last Malaysian food meal before flying off. Gonna miss my char kway teow and asam laksa for a longggggggg time ah! >.<"

But will have lotsa homemade bak kut teh for sure...haha

And singapore's white pepper bak kut teh also..

Anywayyyyy, I'm still feeling really blessed with all these; awesome family and close friends who had provided so much of help/supports/everythinggggg even until the very last minute: my overweight luggages to be put into the taxi before reaching airport and extra things to be 'tumpang'-ed also.

What more should I say? :'))
Big hugssssss to you awesome people!!! :'))

So longggg~

P/S: haven't done any homework on travelling yet......soooooo tiredddddd...but more to cover soon!!